3B Scientific skeleton models come in a variety of versions. From the full-size Classic Skeleton Stan, to our Super Skeleton Max with over 600 hand painted items of medical interest, be sure to find a skeleton that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Study the skeletal system and individual human bones with 3B Scientific's disarticulated skeletons and bone models. Half-skeletons, full skeletons, loose or rigid mounted hands and feet, complete legs and arms, skulls, spinal columns, vertebrae, flexible joint models - all have the 3B Scientific Three Year Quality Guarantee.

Sheep Skeleton (Ovis aries)

$ 5,369.00
Item: T30036 [1002559]
This sheep skeleton is a wonderful aid to study the anatomy of Ovis aries. The domestic sheep skeleton is also a great example of an animal skeleton structure. There is no bone missing, these complete animal skeleton makes detailed anatomical study easy. The sheep skeleton can be used for mammalian… more

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Mammal Feet

$ 1,067.00
Item: T30024 [1002551]
…following real animal skeletons: * Horse or cow foot * Pig with separately mounted hooves * Sheep with separately mounted hooves * Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of cat * Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of hare * Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of dogThe animal skeleton specimens are mounted on… more

Sheep Skull (Ovis aries)

$ 307.00
Item: T30018 [1002545]
The sheep skull is flexibly mounted allowing for demonstration of natural movement. There is no better way to study the anatomy of Ovis aries then with a real specimen like this genuine sheep skull. This animal skull is perfect for mammal and comparative anatomy studies. more

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