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Sheep Skeleton (Ovis aries)

$ 5,369.00
Item: T30036 [1002559]
This sheep skeleton is a wonderful aid to study the anatomy of Ovis aries. The domestic sheep skeleton is also a great example of an animal skeleton structure. There is no bone missing, these complete animal skeleton makes detailed anatomical… more

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Mammal Feet

$ 1,067.00
Item: T30024 [1002551]
…following real animal skeletons: Horse or cow foot Pig with separately mounted hooves Sheep with separately mounted hooves Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of cat Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of hare Leg skeleton with shoulder blade… more

Sheep Skull (Ovis aries)

$ 307.00
Item: T30018 [1002545]
The sheep skull is flexibly mounted allowing for demonstration of natural movement. There is no better way to study the anatomy of Ovis aries then with a real specimen like this genuine sheep skull. This animal skull is perfect for mammal and… more

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