3B Scientific skeleton models come in a variety of versions. From the full-size Classic Skeleton Stan, to our Super Skeleton Max with over 600 hand painted items of medical interest, be sure to find a skeleton that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Study the skeletal system and individual human bones with 3B Scientific's disarticulated skeletons and bone models. Half-skeletons, full skeletons, loose or rigid mounted hands and feet, complete legs and arms, skulls, spinal columns, vertebrae, flexible joint models - all have the 3B Scientific Three Year Quality Guarantee.

Pig Skeleton (Sus scrofa)

$ 5,739.00
Item: T30013 [1002540]
…specimen of an adult pig skeleton comes mounted on a wooden base for easy display in the classroom. The pig skeleton is complete for detailed anatomical study. There is no better way to study the anatomy of Sus scrofa then with this genuine animal skeleton. This real pig skeleton is perfect for… more

Types of Animal Teeth

$ 879.00
Item: T30029 [1002554]
…2. Pig: Canine teeth 3. Pig: Molars 4. Cow: Incisors 5. Cow: Molars 6. Hare: Incisors 7. Hare Molars 8. Rat: Incisors 9. Rat: Molars 10. Cat: Incisors 11. Cat: Canine teeth 12. Cat: Molars 13. Dog: Canine teeth 14. Dog: Incisors 15. Dog: Molars These animal teeth are from real animal skeletons. The… more

Pig Foot (Sus scrofa)

$ 156.00
Item: T30022 [1002549]
This pig foot is a genuine specimen from an adult pig skeleton. There is no better way to study the anatomy of Sus scrofa then with the real animal skeleton foot. This pig foot skeleton is great for comparative anatomy and other studies. more

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Pig Skull (Sus scrofa)

$ 364.00
Item: T30016 [1002543]
The pig skull is flexibly mounted allowing for demonstration of natural movement of a pigs skull. There is no better way to study the anatomy of Sus scrofa then with the skull of genuine domestic pig. This animal skull is perfect for mammal and comparative anatomy studies. more

Mammal Feet

$ 1,067.00
Item: T30024 [1002551]
…following real animal skeletons: * Horse or cow foot * Pig with separately mounted hooves * Sheep with separately mounted hooves * Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of cat * Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of hare * Leg skeleton with shoulder blade of dogThe animal skeleton specimens are mounted on… more

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BioQuest Inflatable Lungs Kit

$ 185.00
Item: W44130
This demonstration kit is suitable for elementary, secondary, and college classes in health, biology, anatomy, and physical education to demonstrate the touch and feel of a lung that is very similar to a human lung. A section of dried lung is included with each kit to show internal anatomical… more

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Plastinated slices - pig's foot

$ 183.00
Item: W29001 [1005382]
Real anatomy provides insight into the perfect interplay between the systems and structures of the human body. Embracing everything from an aesthetic overview to the finest detail, every single plastinate reveals an unaltered and quite credible basic understanding of life science and medical… more